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Pittsfield Walking Tour

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The people of Pittsfield take pride in our history. Our historic buildings tell the story of how a distant outpost became a flourishing city. They tell the stories of our predecessors who came here to forge a way of life based on democratic and religious freedom, economic opportunity and cultural expression.

As part of its downtown revitalization, the City of Pittsfield placed sixty plaques throughout the downtown area to showcase our historic buildings.  Many are still standing, while others sadly are lost to history.

As you take this virtual walking tour, you will be heading back in time.  The pictures and the stories will help you understand the connection to those who came before, their struggles, their triumphs and their contributions to our city.

This walking tour has been prepared by volunteers from the Pittsfield Historical Commission, with the support of the Pittsfield Cultural Council, the Berkshire Athenaeum and the Berkshire Historical Society.